A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


  • Auto-fire! (Down arrow/S on keyboard, right bumper on 360)
  • New color palette scheme for background
  • Minor optimization (don't expect much)

A not-for-profit fan recreation of the famous Astrosmash! arcade game for Intellivision.

I tried to stay as faithful as possible, while adding a few new features.

This is currently the first beta release of the game. Feel free to file bug reports over on the Github repo.

Code and artwork by myself, with a terrific UFO and Bomb mesh by Mike Hubbard.

Supports mouse/keyboard controls, and XBox 360 gamepads.

This game is in no way endorsed or associated with Mattel, Intellivision Productions, or the Blue Sky Rangers! But I do encourage you to throw some coin in their direction, however. :) https://intellivision-productions-inc.myshopify.com/pages/about-us


lasersmash_win64-beta2.zip 26 MB
lasersmash_macos-beta2.zip 40 MB
lasersmash_linux-beta2.zip 39 MB